Used Duske Model SPD-8000 Carbon Steel Rotary Dryer System


Used Duske Model SPD-8000 Carbon Steel Rotary Dryer System

Merry Hill, NC


Used Duske Model SPD-8000 Carbon Steel Rotary Dryer System. Drum is 129" diameter X 38' long. Unit is rated for Maximum Evaporative Capacity of 18,000 lbs/hr. System consists of burner blower, LP burner (30.0 MM BTU/hr capacity, air heater, rotary airlock for wet product inlet, rotary drum, with internal product lifters that raise the product that is then dropped trough the hot gas zone for drying and helps to convey the material from the inlet to the discharge. Drum is chain driven and smoothly rolls upon heavy steel "tires". Original Design was for 600-700 Degrees F on the inlet and 200 Degrees F on the Discharge.  Based on the load you can easily operate at higher/lower temperatures.  The unit has a 30 MMBTU Maxon Burner fired with Propane that allows you to run higher inlet temperatures if needed for really wet materials. The furnace section where the burner is located is Refractory Lined so high burner temperatures are acceptable if needed. The dryer is designed to maintain an outlet temperature setpoint as entered by the operator.  The cyclone/separator will need to be replaced. Has a primary fan that aids in moving the product and drawing the hot moisture laden gases out of the system. Unit is controlled through a PanelView Touchscreen operator interface. Built in 2011. Previously used to dry sage byproduct for a biomass boiler. "As Is, Where Is" Merry Hill, NC


Stock NumberAVOC0122-0001