Used FLSmidth 4-meter Metallurgical Reactor/Clarifier

Used FLSmidth 4-meter Metallurgical Reactor/Clarifier


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Used FLSmidth 4-meter Metallurgical Reactor/Clarifier.  Rated 11 t/h of dray solids at a feed solids concentration of 3.6% solids by mass or 22 t/h with 6.6% solids when recirculating underflow.  Resulting in volumetric flow rate of up to 1200 gpm of overflow. Unit has 2205 Duplex stainless steel basin that has a bottom rake and a center turbine.  The Rake turns CW, while the turbine spins CCW.  Each are belt driven by 3HP and 2HP 3/60/230-460 volt motors thru an Eimco drive.  Open top, flat bottom, with center cone discharge. Design provides for flash mix, coagulation, flocculation, solids recirculation, clarification, and positive sludge removal in a single basin.  S/N 9232507303-A1.  Shipping Dims: 32' long X 14'-8" wide X 14'-2" tall.  Built 2017. FOB: Paradise, KY


Serial Number9232507303-A1
Stock NumberPARA0121-0015