Used Waste Water Skid

Used Waste Water Skid

Wilmington, NC

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Used Waste Water Skid Consisting of one carbon steel Flocculent Tank. 2’ diameter X 4’ deep. One stainless steel Coagulant Tank. 2’-7” wide X 3’-9” long X 5’ deep. Equipped with dual flight 3 blade clamp style agitator. Powered by 3/4 HP 1/60/115/208-230 motor. One approximately 50 gallon AA stainless steel tank. 1’-5” diameter X 4’-2” high straight side. One approximately 750 gallon stainless steel DAF tank equipped with 4 paddle skimmer driven by SEW variable speed right angle drive. Stainless Steel approximately 550 gallon sludge tank. 4’ wide X 4’-11” long X 3’-9” deep. Stainless Steel approximately 300 gallon POTW tank. 4’ diameter X 3’ deep. Stainless Steel approximately 50 gallon liquids tank. 2’ diameter X 2’ deep. Unit includes various pumps, instrumentation and control panel.  FOB: Wilmington, NC


Stock NumberDARA0121-0010