Used Millipore PRO-8/4 XP process reverse osmosis system


Used Millipore PRO-8/4 XP process reverse osmosis system

Wilmington, NC


Used Millipore PRO-8/4 XP process reverse osmosis system.   Feed rated 100 GPM @ 500 PSI.  Includes: (2) T-316 S/S ASME CODE stamped housings.  Each housing can hold (2) 300 Sq. ft. nanomax cartridges representing 600 Sq. ft total membrane area. (membranes not included) Total system can house 1200 Sq. ft. membrane area.  The control system utilities hardware and software T. Perform automated processing and data management.  Specific control functions and interlocks are performed by the PLC Allen-Bradley SLC-5/04 controls.  Specific PLC hardware: 1747-L542 SLC-5/04, 1746-N18 Analog input modules, 1746-1B16 16 point DC digital input module, 1746-0B16 16 point DC digital output, 7 slot rack.  Rockwell RSLogix 500 software was the PLC software used to develop, debug, and document all code associated with PLC. System includes (1) Goulds 3335 100 HP centrifugal pump, which must be fed by a supply pump provided by the customer, shell and tube 24 sq. ft heat exchanger, and Bebco purging unit.  Stainless piping and valves installed with sanitary tri-clover clamps.  Mounted on a S/S frame.  Built in 2000. FOB: Wilmington, NC


Stock NumberDSM02002-0028