Unused Scheibel Extraction Column


Unused Scheibel Extraction Column

Wilmington, NC


Unused Scheibel extraction column by Glitsch. T-316L column with carbon steel jacket and Carpenter 20Cb-3 internals.  14" ID X 20" OD.  Overall height of column 19'-8".  Internal rated 50/FV @ 250 degrees F.  Carbon steel jacket rated 125/FV @ 250 degrees F.  S/N 1388A.  NB# 3409.  Jacketed column has multiple flanged inlets and outlets in sizes of 1", 1 1/2" and 2". Internal assembly is 20Cb-3/TFE, it has 36 stages.  (Design calls for a Durametallic VRA-C single mechanical seal , Drive: Agitation speed 0-125 RPM [operating] Inverter Duty: motor and inverter components to be supplied by customer)  Internals built in 1993 and column built in 1997. FOB: Wilmington, NC


Serial Number1388A
Stock NumberSWIL2089-0002