Used GEA Westfalia Model RSC-30-01-076 Separator Skid


Used GEA Westfalia Model RSC-30-01-076 Separator Skid

Wilmington, NC


Used GEA Westfalia Model RSC-30-01-076 Separator Skid.  S/N 1724-342.  Inner bowl mm 8300.  Driven by 11KW 3/60/460 volt motor.  Skid includes an approximately 1000 gallon sanitary stainless steel jacketed mix tank.  68" diameter X 64" high straight side.  Equipped with (2) zone side dimpled jackets covered with insulation and stainless steel sheathing.  Top fittings: 18" manway, (3) 1.25" sanitary inlets, and (1) 2.75" sanitary inlet.  2" center bottom drain.  Welded dished heads.  Equipped with dual flight agitator driven by a Lightnin model 1402 drive (missing motor).  Has (4) internal baffles.  Skid also includes 1 small plate exchanger, (1) Zenith Model HOD-AA gear pump, (1) Watson Marlow peristaltic pump, and (1) Dayton Rotary gear pump.  All components mounted on stainless skid, with stairs to access the top of tank and centrifuge.  Has transfer piping and multiple control panels.  Includes new gaskets and o-rings for the centrifuge a $3,000+ value.  Built 2004,  Last Use Cottonseed Oil. FOB: Wilmington, NC


ManufacturerGEA Westfalia
Serial Number1724-342
Stock NumberSWIL0720-0004