Unused Aerofin Corp. carbon steel/AL steam heaters

Unused Aerofin Corp. carbon steel/AL steam heaters

Salisbury, NC

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UNUSED Aerofin Corp. carbon steel/AL steam heaters.  Unit consist of (4) frames with each frame consisting of (4) rows of (29) 1" OD x .083" Wall welded tubes that have 6.5 fins per inch.  Fins are 0.625" high X 0.016" thick aluminum embedded.  Nominal tube length is 150".  Tube face centers are 2.266".  Double circuit.  Rated 250 PSIG @ 15 to 750 F.  Frame gasket is .25" silicone rubber.  Airflow is vertical up.  Frames are carbon steel zinc coated.  Air side is rated 983850 #/hr airflow, system face area is 21954 sq. ft., standard face velocity is 785 ft/min, Entering dry bulb temperature 29F, leaving dry bulb temperature 180F. Total heat load 35720 MBH.  Steam side is rated 53.8 PSIG superheated steam pressure, 618F superheated steam pressure, 33383 #/hr condensate rate.  Built 2008, Weight 19,200#.  FOB: Salisbury, NC


ManufacturerAerofin Corp.
Stock NumberSANT0121-0002